No More Worry in Dealing with Resume

Many people are wondering about why there are so many services which claim they are capable of dealing with resume writing. As stated earlier, this may sound like a silly thing for some people. Both writing and resume are not strange things. We have been so familiar with it. Logically speaking, if we are familiar with something, we should Read more “No More Worry in Dealing with Resume”

Contextual Learning

Contextual derived from the Latin verb, contexere, which means “weaves together”. The word “context” refers to the “overall situation, background, or the environment” related to self entwined with him.

We each are in diverse contexts-for instance the context of the neighborhood, the family, friends, school, work, political policy, and the earth’s ecosystem. Likewise, all other entities, living or nonliving, within the context of. To realize its full potential, all living organisms, including humans, must be in proper relationship to their context.

“Homeschooling is possible to accommodate while supporting contextual learning activities.” Seto Mulyadi

Homeschooling is possible to accommodate at the same time support the activities of this contextual learning. “When a child is able to associate the contents of the subjects being studied-such as math, science, or history – with their own experience, they find meaning, and the meaning of giving reasons for them to learn,” wrote Elaine B. Johnson, Ph .D., the Contextual Teaching and Learning.


What is the Difference “School”, “College” and “University”?

In the United States, the word “school (school)” describes any place where we learn. You can call the college as a “school”. You can refer to the university as a “school”. You can use the word “school” to institute the English, undergraduate or postgraduate anything, or secondary school (high school).

In the U.S., after high school, or secondary school is referred to as a university or college. College in the U.S. not a high school or secondary school. Program colleges and universities began in the 13th year, when students aged 17 or 18 years. Study quadruple mass College offers two-year associate’s degree, certificate too. A four-year college or university offers bachelor. Programs that offer this degree is called the school “undergraduate”. Read more “What is the Difference “School”, “College” and “University”?”

Definition and Purpose of College

The college is a continuation of secondary education is organized to prepare students to become members of the community who have the academic ability and professionals who can apply, develop and create science, technology and art (Act 2 of 1989, article 16, paragraph (1)). Higher education is education at a higher level than the education of middle school education at that point (PP 30 of 1990, article 1, paragraph 1) The purpose of higher education Read more “Definition and Purpose of College”

Understanding College According to the Experts

Did you know that college is an institution that is has a broad role in the development of quality macro ato quality resources far above average.

The existence of human resources itself of great importance because it is people who are considered the most have the talent, creativity, work, drive, and of course a real role. In college also behave like that without a college man may not be able to move towards what he wants something.

Government Regulation No.60 of 1999 on Higher Education, explained that the university is:

education on the education track at a higher level than secondary education in education track. Read more “Understanding College According to the Experts”

Bachelor Educate As Nation Motivation

Distribution of education should take place sooner than what telh planned. With a sense perkemabangan done Appropriate and must be in line with what has been planned.

Educate Reviews their undergraduate program that has been assigned to the various temat highly inland into evidence of the implementation of educational equity. There are many cases encountered in implementing education, especially the lack of motivation in students. Read more “Bachelor Educate As Nation Motivation”

Homeschooling is More Flexible

As a form of informal education system, the key to the implementation of homeschooling is the flexibility of flexibility. So it should not be rigid and overly structured as a formal school.

If it is too structured in a formal curriculum that homeschooling will lose its main significance. That is why it is for a participant homeschooling that originally comes from formal school students needed their gradual adjustment. If the first child bored and feel like nothing can be done, then the child can be invited to go out to visit various places of interest such as painting exhibitions, musical performances, puppet people or theater, library, park and so on.

“Homeschooling provides the flexibility to learn. Learning can be anywhere, anytime and to anyone.” Seto Mulyadi

Then from a variety of exciting trips, the children were asked to make notes or essay interesting trip by the experience. This was coupled with ketidakketatan time to learn. Although discipline and responsibility remain stressed in homeschooling with memu create schedules of learning, but rigidity can be minimized. Source:

Bilingual teaching

Bilingual teaching is a model of the use of two languages ​​to deliver curriculum materials with the aim of strengthen the students’ competency in a foreign language. By using this model, there are two main things that obtained by the students, the mastery of science and bilingual. Learning a language is to learn how to express intent in context environment. The more extensive the social environment, the need for mastery of the language in all its complexity will be growing as well.

Until now, many countries have to implement bilingual teaching. The purpose of this implementation is to accelerate the improvement of the quality of education of children from various community groups that can simultaneously achieve alignment of national standards in the mastery of science and language. Indonesia since the school year 2006/2007 has been implementing bilingual teaching models in the learning of Mathematics and Science. It is a manifestation of the quality of education reform policy implementation. Policy bilingual teaching model is not new, the beginning of independence have been carried out teaching bilingual, namely Dutch-Indonesia.